Exchanging with RCI via the Wyndham Vacation Club Online Portal

Wyndham Vacation Club owners can access the RCI exchange system and use their Wyndham Vacation Club points for exchanges into non-Wyndham resorts. Members simply access the RCI inventory via the online portal located on http://wyndhamvacationresorts.com.Once logged into the RCI system, members can search for available reservations.

When a Wyndham owner locates a suitable exchange, there is a point value shown that is required to confirm the reservation. This value is shown in Wyndham points currency.

Wyndham VIP owners (gold plus level and above) can instantly book the reservation. Non-VIP owners must first deposit the applicable number of Wyndham points into RCI. This is done on the Wyndham Vacation Club website.

There is a slight delay before the deposited points transfer and show under the member's RCI account. Until the deposited points show (normally by the beginning of the next business day), the member is restricted from confirming the reservation. Again, this restriction only applies to non-VIP Wyndham owners.

It is important for consumers to understand that VIP privileges do not transfer on the resale market, so generally a consumer has to purchase their timeshare interest at full developer price from Wyndham Vacation Club in order to receive these benefits. Because of the huge difference in selling prices, consumers should carefully consider the value of these benefits.

RCI reservations may only be placed on a temporary hold if the reservation is for a complete week from the RCI Weeks system.  Nightly stay requests through the RCI Points system may not be placed on hold.

Once a member has finalized the RCI reservation, the Club Wyndham account will be debited the total amount of points used for your reservation. Again, there is a slight delay for the transaction to be debited, so the points total shown online in the Wyndham system will likely not be accurate until the beginning of the next business day.

RCI reservations cannot be cancelled online once they are booked. To cancel a RCI reservation made via the Wyndham Vacation Club portal- the member must call the RCI Customer Service Center for Club Wyndham at (800) 572-0931.

The online exchange process may seem confusing at first, but the cooperative portal makes this a fairly simple process. The main thing members need to remember is that unless the member is a VIP level owner, they cannot confirm any RCI exchange reservation without first depositing the required number of Wyndham Vacation Club points.


  1. If I deposit 24k Wyndham points from one year and 81 from another, can I use them together to book one reservation on RCI? Or do they remain separate?

  2. The deposited points accumulate within the exchange system, but each deposit will have a specified expiration date. When a points deposit is made to the RCI exchange system, the timeshare owner has a time limit of two years in which to use those deposited points for a reservation in the RCI system.