Converting Unused Wyndham Vacation Club Points to Maintenance Fee Dollars

Wyndham Vacation Club owners have the option to convert their unused Wyndham points to maintenance dollars, which are then applied to pay maintenance fees and assessments. This should not be a normal usage strategy for owners, but if you are sure you will not be using all your current year's allotment of points-  this process can give you at least some financial benefit. (Always remember that members can also bank their unused points forward into the next usage year, which may be more beneficial to the member.).

Only Regular Use Year Points may be converted. Cancelled points, credit pool points, pic points, and bonus points are not eligible for conversion to maintenance fee dollars.  New owners are also restricted from converting points during the first ninety days of their ownership.

Points are currently converted at the rate of $.0021 per point (about one third of the maintenance fee rate for most resorts).

Depending on the Ownership level of the member, the window for point conversion to maintenance fees varies as follows:

  • Club Wyndham Plus level (less than 400,000 annual points) - Conversion window is the first three months of the usage year.
  • Silver VIP Members (400,000 to 499,999 annual points)- Conversion window is the first six months of the usage year.
  • Gold VIP Members (500,000 to 999,999 annual points)- Conversion window is the first nine months of the usage year.
  • Platinum VIP Members (1,000,000 + annual points)- Conversion window is anytime within the usage year.
(In the past, Silver level VIP began at 300,000 annual points. Owners that received the VIP status in the past are grandfathered in regardless of future minimum point requirement increases.)

If you find that you have additional points that you will not be using, you should also consider the possiblity of renting your excess Club Wyndham points as a means to recover your costs for those points. You can safely rent your Wyndham Vacation Club points with no upfront fees by clicking HERE!

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